“The priorities we face in communities across South King County– housing affordability, behavioral health, supporting small business– require urgent investment and attention from our state government.
As an Auburn Councilmember and neighbor, I understand the challenges facing local families and have real experience making a positive difference.
I hope to earn your support.”
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Chris on Protecting Reproductive Choice


“As an attorney representing tribes and a member of the Washington State Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People Task Force, I see every day how our policies and priorities leave people behind. The unconscionable Dobbs decision has created a new generation of second-class citizens – they are our daughters, our sisters, and our loved ones.

I am proud that my work has been recognized by Pro-Choice Washington and other advoates for abortion rights and reprodictive care.

Moving forward, we must ensure that care is accessible across our state for Washingtonians and those traveling from other states seeking care. In an era of hospital mergers and some religious providers refusing care – we have work to do on this issue.

In order to protect every person’s access to care, we also must remove its expense which limits access based on wealth. Healthcare – including reproductive and gender affirming care – is a human right and the legislature must protect it for everyone. Not just the wealthy.

Additionally, the important and personal decision of whether and when to have a family should not be made under economic duress. In Olympia, I will fight for investments in families including affordable housing, childhood nutrition, and universal childcare.

Having spent decades taking on federal and state governments to protect the rights and deliver overdue resources for Native and other underrepresented communities, I am ready to work every day in Olympia to change that.

I would be honored to earn your support so that I can join you in your work to improve access to health for every Washingtonian, and those who seek sanctuary here for reproductive care.

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Endorsed by

  • State Representative
    Pat Sullivan, 47th LD
  • County Executive
    Dow Constantine
  • County Councilmember
    Dave Upthegrove
  • Kent Mayor
    Dana Ralph
  • Auburn Mayor
    Nancy Backus
  • Covington Mayor
    Jeff Wagner
  • Auburn City Councilmember
    Kate Baldwin
  • Auburn City Councilmember
    Yolanda Trout Manuel
  • Auburn Councilmember
    Larry Brown
  • Auburn Councilmember
    James Jeyaraj
  • Auburn Councilmember
    John Holman, fmr.
  • Kent Councilmember
    Satwinder Kaur
  • Kent Councilmember
    Marli Larimer
  • Covington Councilmember
    Jennifer Harjehausen
  • Covington Councilmember
    Sean Smith
  • Auburn School Board Member
    Arlista Holman
  • Kent School Board Member
    Leslie Kae Hamada
  • Kent School Board Member
    Awale Farah
  • State Representative
    Debra Lekanoff, 40th LD
  • Port Commissioner
    Hamdi Mohamed
  • County Councilmember
    Rod Dembowski
  • County Councilmember
    Julia Patterson, fmr.
  • Renton Councilmember
    Kim-Khanh Van
  • Renton Councilmember
    Ed Prince
  • Covington Human Services Commissioner
    Catherine Esterly-Williams
  • Community Leader
    Colleen Echohawk, Eighth Generation*
  • Community Leader
    Estela Ortega, El Centro de la Raza*
  • Community Leader
    Tom Warren, Seattle Indian Health*
  • Community Leader
    Esther Lucero, Seattle Indian Health*

*For identification purposes.

About Chris

Chris is an Auburn City Councilmember and attorney who has worked at the state and federal level to advance the health and rights of Native Americans, youth, and vulnerable communities. In a legal career spanning 30 years, he has worked to advance human and tribal rights, expand clean energy jobs, champion health care access and affordability, and improve economic opportunity for tribal and other marginalized communities.

Chris, who is the first Native American elected to the Auburn Council, works with other cities in King County to coordinate on issues including affordable housing, drug dependency, salmon recovery, and racial equity.

A longtime resident of Auburn, he and his wife Pamela have two adult daughters– both graduates of Auburn High School– and a grandson. They currently share their home with their adopted dog, Lovey.